неделя, 21 август 2011 г.

In inner peace

Chasing dreams,
I lost my time,
my road,
my eyes and faith.
Everything now ends in you
everything is a zero
me and you too.

Inner peace!
In inner peace!
Need inner peace!

And now the days will come
will rise again.
You'll come and go,
with my rise and fall.
Behind the back -
love crashed their bikes,
but...please, stay in

Inner peace!
Need inner peace!
Buy inner peace for me!

Now....what is left ???
What is yours,
where is mine?
I don't know!
You played love like it is a crime.
Now fill my heart
with all these broken wheels
and motors!
And leave me
and stay with me in

Inner peace!
Oh,inner peace!
Buy inner peace for me,